Kishwer Merchant lashes out at Karan Kundra’s gf Anusha for making fun of her friend’s Indian accent

Kishwer Merchant slams VJ Anusha Dandekar and VJ Gaelyn Mendonca on Instagram for making fun of a friend of hers.

It all started with a video, Kishwer posted a video on her Instagram page where a few of her friends were seen enjoying  at Bandstand, Bandra. They all were talking about food and one of her friend said ‘I want pancakes’and his accent was desi.

Anusha and Gaelyn both were seeing that video and they found that very funny they couldn’t stop laughing at the man’s accent. Instead of having a laugh about it in private, Anusha made a video of it and posted it on her account as an Insta story.

Kishwer saw it and was furious. She took to her social media pages to lash out at Anusha and Gaelyn with a post stating: “VJ Anusha nt everyone is from Australia and nt everyone has tht accent .. but theyare my friends and they have a good heart.. unlike u and vj gaelyn who are sitting and making fun of two people on ur insta story u dnt even knw ..”

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It did not stop there, Kishwar’s husband Suyyash Rai also lashed out on Anusha and posted the same picture on his Instagram account and wrote, “People consider u guys their role models / idols … it doesnt suit u guys @vjanusha @vjgaelyn. Disappointed seriously… U guys r probably trippin on something and enjoying but unfortunately for you they are my frns. U shudnt have put this on ur socail networking websites specially wen there millions of people looking up2 u…and unfortunately they are your FANS :). U guys probably well educated and have probably studied and stayed abroad all ur lives its juss that my frns r tooo desi to have that accent…n unfortunately that guy is from punjab too just like @kkundrra AND je lodh payi metho vadda desi labna v nai…GROW UP.”

For those who don’t know, Suyyash and Anusha’s boyfriend Karan Kundra are close friends. Suyyash specifically tagged Karan in this post as Karan famously has a thick Punjabi accent.

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