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A lady thought she was dating Saif Ali Khan for 14 months! here is what happened after knowing the truth

There is no denying the fact that technology makes a person’s life easy and has become an integral part of our lives but sometimes our over dependency on it can bring problems for us too! Agree?

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Nowadays, people use apps to find dates unlike earlier times when individuals used to meet in parties, marriage ceremonies or any get-together and if two persons liked each other, they started dating. Presently, our social connectivity is more than our real-life connectivity and we may have thousands of friends on Facebook but we are unaware of our neighbors. Right?

A 44-year-old woman Anne, mother of two from the UK found love on dating site Tinder and, prepare to be shocked, because she fell in love with ‘Saif Ali Khan’!

But before you jump to conclusions, then no, that’s not what exactly happened.

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‘Antony Ray’ posted a picture of Khan in a black suit, from the film ‘Kal ho Na Ho!’ as his profile picture on Tinder and wooed Anne for as long as 14 months starting from 2015.

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Now, the first thought that must strike in everyone’s mind would be that in their 14-month-long relationship didn’t the two met even once? The funny bit is that Antony and Anne met three months after they started dating. He would often address Rowe as ‘Mrs Ray’ and ‘future wife’!

According to a Daily Mail report, the seed of doubt sprouted when he would only meet her occasionally. This made her suspicious and she then appointed an investigator to spy on him. Later, it turned out that he was actually a married man! In fact, Ray had been using a separate mobile phone and had multiple affairs.

The big mystery behind posting  Saif Ali Khan’s picture was that Ray thought that he somewhat resembled the actor!

Anne was not the only one who got fooled; there was another lady who was cheated by the man. Now Anne has filed a petition which is titled as “Making a fake online profile with the intent to use women/men for sex, should be a crime.”

His fake account has since then been deleted. Apparently the Kent police force said that nothing could be done in this case of Anthony’s deception. “Kent Police received a report of a domestic dispute on 14 January 2017 but no criminal offences were disclosed during the call or when an officer visited the informant later that day,” Daily Mail quoted a spokesman.

Please be careful while you try to find dates through apps, as there are many fake profiles waiting for you to make a mistake. We wonder how Saif is going to react to this misuse of his picture?

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