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When a man crossed the line of decency with Vidya Balan in Siddhivinayak temple!


These days, Vidya Balan is busy in promoting her upcoming movie ‘Begum Jaan’. A few days ago, Vidya Balan told us, ‘We are public figures, not public property’, while recounting an incident when a fan misbehaved with her at the Kolkata airport recently.


Now, the actress reveals another shameful incident which happened with her.

Vidya recounted the incident and the anger was clear in her voice. “I was at Siddhivinayak, I was praying when this man touched me on my shoulder. I opened my eyes and it was a random guy. Then he told me: ‘Madam, please say hello to my wife’. I told him to hold on for a minute and went back to praying. He again tapped my shoulder and said: ‘Say hello to her before that’!”

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Are you not appalled by the behaviour that our actors are subjected to by their so-called fans? And to disturb someone while they are having a private, spiritual moment is just downright rude.

“I told him that he cannot touch me. I asked him if he’d be okay with being touched by strangers, and if he will mind if his wife was touched by a stranger like this. People seem to believe that public figures are fine with such behaviour. I am more than happy to sign autographs and pose for selfies. Very rarely do I say no, unless I have not slept in five days or something. But there are some lines,” said an enraged Vidya.

On the work front, Vidya will next be seen in ‘Begum Jaan’ which is slated to release on 14 April.




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