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Meet Shah Rukh Khan’s sister Shehnaz, who was in depression for 2 years after her father’s death

Everyone knows about SRK’s family his children, his wife. But one person not many people know much about is his elder sister Shehnaz Lalarukh Khan as she stays away from limelight.

58 year old Shehnaz slipped into depression when she saw dead body of her father long back. Ever since, she has not been able to recover from the shock.

Shehnaz was out of city when her father passed away of cancer in 1981. On returning home, she saw her father’s dead body and fell unconscious. Following this, she often started remaining ill.

Once, Shah Rukh had revealed in an interview that Lalarukh battled depression for 2 years after her father’s demise. He added that at the time of DDLJ, Lalaruklh once again had bouts of depression following which he took her to Switzerland for better treatment.

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According to Shah Rukh, when he was shooting for ‘Tujhe Dekha To Ye Jana Sanam’ his sister was being treated at a nearby hospital. After the treatment, her condition gets better than before, but she still could not recover completely.

Shehnaz is 6 years senior to brother Shahrukh. She was very close to her father. Shehnaz’s father Mir taj Mohammed kept her middle name ‘Lala Rukh’ which means flower. After her father passed away, SRK took sister Lalarukh’s responsibility. SRK’s father died due to cancer.

Shehnaz choose to stay away from media glare. She rarely seen in parties and events. Being a sister of a superstar, Shehnaz likes to live with very simplicity. Shehnaz stands with her brother in every situation.

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