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Meet Yuvraj Singh’s step mother Satveer Kaur, here is why this step is taken by his father!


Team India’s star cricketer Yuvraj Singh has not only fought with cancer, but also fought with his family problems too. For those of you who’re unaware, Yuvraj’s father, Yograj Singh and his mother Shabnam Singh part ways a long time ago.

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Yes, you heard it right. When Yuvraj was too young his father divorced Shabnam and later went onto marry Satveer Kaur. And, Yuvraj continued to live with her mother post the split. 

Once Yuvraj’s father Yograj Singh revealed in an interview that due to Modern thinking of Shabnam the differences arose in them and they got divorced. 

Yograj was from a Sikh farmer family, while Shabnam was the daughter of a Muslim businessman. Yograj wanted Shabnam to remain at home while Shabnam wanted to be an independent.


Once a time came that both did not even listen each other. At the end, Yograj divorced Shabnam and married to Satveer.

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From Satveer Kaur, Yograj has a son, Victor and a daughter Amarjeet Kaur who loves Yuvraj Singh. The trio sure do seem to share a close bond with one another. While Zoravar is Yuvraj’s older brother.


While Victor is currently in the US trying his hand in Hollywood, Amarjeet has continued her passion for tennis back home.




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