Manikarnika actress Mishti Chakraborty lashes out at Kangana Ranaut for chopping her role

Kangana Ranaut starrer Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi has been released in cinemas. But, the controversy over the film doesn’t gets end. The film has been surrounded with many controversies before and post-release.

Mishti Chakraborty lashes out at Kangana Ranaut

Recently, actress Mishti Chakravarty who plays the role of Kashibai in the film has lashed out at Kangana for chopping her role.

Mishti Chakraborty lashes out at Kangana Ranaut

She said that she had been promised prominent scenes in the film and that she had been wanting to work with Krish for a long time. “He promised me that I would have a lot of promising scenes, I got convinced, largely due to Krish who was directing the film. I know Krish’s body of work and I had been wanting to work with him since a long time. Aur end mein, director bhi nahin raha, role bhi nahi raha (laughs). I had shot some beautiful scenes but nothing has been retained. I really didn’t want to be an insignificant part of a significant film. I may not have a strong presence in Bollywood but I am doing some very good work in films of other languages,” she said.

She admitted that she had gotten a rather raw deal from Kangana. “I learnt that Kangana had become the decision-maker. But don’t I have a choice of whom to work with and whom to not work with? If I was told from the beginning that Kangana will be the director, I would’ve probably not done Manikarnika.”

Mishti added, “She could have been a great director. Actors are known to be self-obsessed. But if I am directing a film, I would think of myself as an actor wouldn’t I?”

Mishti said that when she saw the film finally she was shocked. “I had allotted dates to a film down South, when Kangana came to me and told me: You are like a sister to me in the film, my best friend. You can chose to not give me dates but it’s an actor’s loss on your side”. Pray, what does that mean? And you know what! Kamal Jain called me to say that he had decided to increase my role in the film. Later when I saw the film, I was shocked.

“I came to the conclusion that they needed extra dates from me to shoot insignificant scenes and they can chop the important scenes they had shot with me earlier, and match it up accordingly. It was like they needed my dates for patchwork.”

“I am an actor. I don’t want my clothes and shoes to be talked about. I cannot be happy with two close-ups and a song. I want my acting to be talked about. Lekin yahan toh, not just my acting scenes but even my fighting scenes were chopped.”

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Asked why she is not confronting Kangana, Mishti answered, “Usko call karke kya karun? She is in power. She is a far more established than me. She can very well tell me: Mishti, I am not interested in talking to you. Everybody is liking the film. I have made a good film. My job is done.”

Meanwhile, Manikarnika is approaching Rs 50 crore mark at the box office.


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