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Oh No! ‘Ghulaam’ actor Vikkas Manaktala hits his co-star Sareeka Dhillon


“Ghulaam” is one show that hasn’t been in the news for the right reasons. Earlier there was a report that cold war happened between Niti Taylor and Vikkas Manaktala. And now here is a bad news from the set for the fans of Sareeka Dhillon aka Rashmi.

Sareeka Dhillon

Actress was rushed to hospital after being hit by co-actor Vikkas Manaktala.

As per the sources from the show, Vikkas who plays Veer in the show, was rehearsing a scene with Sareeka Dhillon, where he had to hit her with a saw. But the saw accidentally hit her nose pretty hard. The actress was bleeding profusely after which she was rushed to a hospital.

 Sareeka Dhillon

Though the actress is a little happy that the saw did not hit her eyes. Despite being advised not to shoot by the doctors, the actress will be continuing with the shoot.

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She told TOI,” Yes, It’s true that this unfortunate accident happened. I am just fortunate that it did not hurt my eyes or things could have been worse. The production house and my co-actors rushed me to the hospital. The doctor has advised me to not shoot for three to four days as I cannot use makeup. But, Ghulaam is my priority. Hence, I am continuing to shoot. I don’t want the show to suffer in any way because of me.

 Sareeka Dhillon

The actress further added, “It is getting very difficult for me to shoot the scenes as I cannot wash my face because of the cut. The makeup is adding to the pain. I am just glad to god that it did not hurt my eyes.”

Sareeka rose to fame with Star Plus’ show ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’.

We wish Sareeka a speedy recovery.





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