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Oh No!! Maya to die in Beyhadh; show to take a leap!


Sony TV’s Beyhadh is known to keep its viewers at the edge of their seats with its shocking twists.

Maya to die in Beyhadh

In the recent episodes, it was revealed that Maya was in the asylum but she never took the medication and still needs medical help. She is her same psycho self. She used her pregnancy as a tool to keep Arjun close and when she felt that Ayaan could become a big threat, she tried to kill him.

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Earlier, we had reported about Maya’s impending miscarriage.

Now, we hear, the upcoming episodes are further going in for a bigger twist in the tale which is surely going to glue the attention of the viewers on to the series.

Reportedly, in the upcoming episodes, the family will get the news of Maya’s death. Post her death, Beyhadh will take another leap. But she’s Maya, and can’t die easily. After the leap, Maya will return in a more dangerous avatar with vengeance in her heart.

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