OMG! Not Vidya Balan, But This Sensual Actress Will Play The Role Of Meena Kumari On Screen?


Meena Kumari is also known as The Tragedy Queen of Indian cinema. Kumari is regarded as one of the greatest actresses to have appeared on the screens of Hindi cinema . But, Kumari fell ill three weeks after the release of her superhit movie “Kamal Amrohi” which was directed drama Pakeezah (1972) and died soon after. Her last film ‘Gomti Ke Kinare’ hit the theaters 7 months after the actress passed away.

And, now, Razdan is going to create a biopic for this gorgeous evergreen lady, and it won’t be casting Vidya Balan! Earlier, it was decided to cast Vidya as she carries vintage expressions and classic acting skills. But, much to your surprise, now the role might be given to the sizzling diva Sunny Leone. Don’t believe us? Read what Razdan said!

Razdan also approached Madhuri Dixit Nene for the part, another online portal quoted the director saying, “I think the only one, who is courageous enough and said to me, ‘When can we start this film?’, has been Sunny Leone. I have narrated it to Madhuri and Vidya but it didn’t work out for one reason or the other. “

“Sunny came along, she said she had heard about this film and wanted me to narrate it. I met her at her house, had a long narration. I don’t know… She is not the ideal choice, I would say. But she was the most enthusiastic about doing the role. I guess, she also saw this as her big chance.”

“I narrated her something but at the moment she is wanting to do something that’s non-serious. She has had too much of serious stuff. We spoke at length. Maybe tomorrow, I may have that kind of a script for her. But at the moment, I wanted her to play the role of an actress of the 1960s. The film dealt with alcoholism and tragedy.”