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OMG! Omkara and Gauri to get MARRIED in ‘DIL BOLE OBEROI’

Star Plus’ latest offering “Dil Bole Oberoi”, which was launched earlier last week is being showered with praises. The face-off between Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) and Gauri is also loved by the audiences.

Dil bole oberoi

Kaali Thakur wishes to marry Gauri, which upsets his wife Jhanvi Thakurain. On the other hand, Omkara sees a reflection of his mother Jhanvi in Kaali’s wife, Jhanvi Thakurain.

Misunderstandings have cropped up between Gauri and Omkara. He presumes Gauri to be the home-breaker, just like Svetlana who is responsible for breaking Tej and Jhanvi’s marriage.

In the upcoming episodes, Omkara will arrive at the haveli, only to see Gauri dressed as a bride. He also spots Svetlana there. He calls Gauri characterless for getting married to Kaali Thakur and accuses of being a home-breaker, unaware of the fact that she is trapped by Kaali.

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Gauri will try to defend herself, but Om ignores her and leaves. Kaali will forcibly take her to the mantap. As per the latest spoiler, Gauri will run away from the mantap.

But a new turn will come when Omkara will know that Gauri is innocent and Kaali Thakur (Rahul Dev) is forcing her to marry him.

Omkara will then rescue Gauri and will runaway with him in the jungle to hide from Kaali Thakur. Soon, goons will find them and Gauri gets injured. Omkara then holds Gauri in his arms and fights with the goons.

During this fight, Omkara and Gauri will accidentally wedding rounds around the fire. But they both don’t have the realization that they are married.

It will be interesting to see if Omkara and Gauri realize as they are married.

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