OMG! You Won’t Believe Who Gifted Deepika Padukone This Gorgeous Saree!


Deepika Padukone recently attended her childhood friend’s wedding and she looked gorgeous. The star was donning a  traditional Indian saree with a golden necklace. As always, she was the star of everyone’s eyes and received a ton of compliments! When asked where did she buy the saree from, the celebrity proudly something we never expected.


Talking about it, a source said, “The guests couldn’t stop praising Deepika and the sari. When they kept asking her about it, Deepika proudly told everyone that it was a gift from Rekhaji.”

The source further said, “Rekhaji, who is known as the epitome of beauty, has always gone out of the way to show her kind gestures towards Deepika. She had loved Deepika’s performance immensely in BM. In fact, she talks to her in detail after watching her films. A couple of days back too, Rekha presented an award to Deepika and praised her a lot.”
The source concluded by saying, “In fact, Deepika went out of the way to complete the look. So, she was decked in a red sari with a golden choker adding a touch of traditionalism. She also did her hair in her signature style — slicked back in a bun.”