Padmavati’s Ghoomar BREAKS All The Records In Just One Day!!!


The first song of the classic movie ‘Padmavati’ is trending crazy, and has received a humongous 10 million views in just one day. The music video is so stunning and engaging that the fans cannot take their eyes off. Seeing such response, we can already hear award announcements for this movie.

In the song Ghoomar, Deepika is wearing a stunning heavy Rajputi attire and donning Jadau jewelry.

It is said that She has almost done 66 twirls in the entire performance! The song was choreographed under the amazing Kruti Mahesh Midya and Ghoomar artist via Rajasthan, Jyothi D Tommaar, who made the dimple queen swirl so easily and naturally.

The gorgeous Padmavati !

Amazing dance moves!

Kruti Mahesh Midya said, “She trained with us for three hours every day before the shoot commenced.” She explained how Deepika’s moves essentially focused on the twirling movement (ghoomna).

She added, “The footwork is important in this dance. It took her a day to shift from what she has been doing so far, to what she was required to do for the song.”

And all her efforts are reaping fruits by breaking records! YOU GO GIRL! 😀

Here’s the music video of the song ‘Ghoomar’, Check it out 🙂