Paresh Rawal wants Arundhati Roy be tied to Army jeep instead of stone pelter

Bollywood actor and BJP parliamentarian Paresh Rawal found himself in the middle of a Twitter storm on Monday after he said that writer Arundhati Roy be tied to an army jeep, suggesting she be used in a manner similar to a Kashmiri man in the Valley last month.

“Instead of tying stone pelter on the army jeep tie Arundhati Roy!” the actor-politician tweeted.

Roy, a strong critic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is an award-winning writer whose views on Kashmiri separatism has been a cause for controversy.

If you are wondering what did Arundhati Roy say that evoked such a response from Paresh Rawal, let us tell you that in a statement she had said that even if India increases its military strength from 7 to 70 lakh in Kashmir, it won’t be able to achieve its objective. This got strong reactions too but nothing like Rawals. He had even commented, “70 lakh Indian army can’t defeat azadi gang of Kashmir – Arundhati Roy .Her birth certi in fact is a regret letter from maternity ward.”

The reference to ‘tying up to an army jeep’ comes from that viral pic which had a man tied to a jeep as a human shield in Kashmir.

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Rawal’s comments drew both support and criticism from several Twitter users, with some chipping in with more names they would like to see treated in that manner.

Hitting out at the actor-BJP MP, Congress General Secretary Digivijaya Singh said: “Why not (tie) the person who stitched the PDP-BJP alliance?”

His comments drew condemnation from many users on Twitter, some seeing it as an attempt to incite violence by an elected public representative.

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