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Payal Rohatgi hits back at Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan, watch

Recently, Payal Rohtagi and Gauahar Khan had an ugly spat on twitter over Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir.

Payal Rohatgi hits back at Kushal Tandon

Their fight turned so ugly that Payal made some personal remarks on Gauahar and mocked her relationship with Kushal Tandon. Finally, after a series of exchanges, Gauahar blocked Payal on Twitter.

Later, Kushal Tandon has come out in support of Gauahar and wrote an open letter to Payal for taking a jibe on his relationship.

Payal Rohatgi hits back at Kushal Tandon

In the post, he wrote, “I am a Hindu and I can say proudly that ones I was in love with a girl and she was and is a Muslim. So someone is using a piece of article to wrongfully attack Gauahar, to spread hate n cause from rubbish, this rubbish needs to be slammed! Accusing Gauahar of fake terms like #lovejihad is not only criminal but also a Lie! We had a happy bond n continue to do that! So u can’t do any harm to Gauahar with ur lies! Over n out!”

Looking at Kushal’s reaction on the whole incident, Gauahar couldn’t control herself and rather promptly tweeted, “I love you ! @KushalT2803  thank u !

Replying to the open letter of Kushal, now Payal hits back at him. She took to Instagram and released a video of herself. In the video, we can see Payal using very derogatory words for Kushal such as ‘hijra’ (eunuch). She is also indirectly calling Gauahar ‘jihadi aunty’. Payal is lambasting them and advising them to get married and convert to Islam.

She captioned it as, “Fake Secular Media of India & the Jihadis 🙏”

For those, who don’t knows, Gauahar and Kushal were madly in love with each other when they were in the Bigg Boss house. But soon after coming out, they parted ways. The ex-duo hit headlines for their ugly break-up and nasty conversations in public domain.

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Gauahar Khan and Payal Rohatgi got into an ugly Twitter spat over Article 370

The reason for their breakup is reportedly because Gauhar pressurised Kushal to change his religion.



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