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These pictures proves that we Indians just don’t deserve good things!


We Indians want development and that too at the speed of light. We are ready to point out the loopholes in the government’s implementations but we are not ready to play our part. Below is an example of such an act.

Recently, a day before Tejas Express will embark on its maiden journey from Mumbai to Goa, unidentified persons damaged the windows of the Indian Railways’ premium train. The windows, made of glass, were found cracked after the train arrived in Mumbai from Delhi.

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The Tejas Express is India’s first high-speed train, and it was supposed to ply between Mumbai and Goa. It’s average speed is said to be 130 kmph. It’s equipped with the latest hi-tech steez, like on-board infotainment, Wi-Fi, USB charging ports, LED TVs at the back of the seats and coffee-vending machines.

 Not only this, people also have the habit of spitting paan on stairs. Our India has a long history of destroying good things just because it’s new and it looks pretty. Almost every wall, bus stop, staircase and ‘do not spit sign in sight is  decorated with paan stains. But WHY DO THEY DO IT?




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