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Pratish Vora on tragic death of his 2 year old daughter, reveals how he tried to save her

Television actor Pratish Vora who plays the character of Nandu in the on-going Star Bharat show Pyaar Ke Papad has recently lost his 2 year old daughter in an unfortunate accident.

Pratish Vora on tragic death of his 2 year old daughter

According to reports, Pratish’s daughter was playing with a plastic toy and she accidentally swallowed it and couldn’t throw up. The substance got stuck in her throat, resulting in the sad demise of his daughter.

Now, while talking to Spotboye, Pratish recounted the details of the horrific incident that led to the death of his two-year-old. 

Pratish Vora on tragic death of his 2 year old daughter

He said, “It all happened at home when we were having pizzas with few friends who had come over. In fact, my daughter didn’t stay in Mumbai, just like my wife. They both were in Rajkot and had just come for a holiday since the last 10 days. When my daughter swallowed a cubical piece of a toy, I immediately put my hand inside her mouth. But she bit me. The bite was hard. She was resisting me. I think she got very nervous and the piece went largely inside. My hand hence couldn’t reach sufficiently inside and I guess the damage was done in those few seconds of struggle.”

Pratish continued, “We stay in Mira Road. We reached the hospital soon, but my daughter had started to bleed by then. The doctors stopped the bleeding but her heart was skipping a few beats. The oxygen levels were fine but the carbon dioxide emission was not enough. After a while, we were told that she was almost normal. But the doctors said that they would need to keep her for 24-48 hours under observation. Then suddenly, she started to bleed again. The heart beats became more irregular. By 1 am, we were told that she wasn’t with us anymore. The doctors tried very hard for the last one hour, but it didn’t go in our favour. We flew down to Rajkot and laid her to rest around 7 am.”

“I am still in Rajkot and trying to look after my wife. My wife is my first and biggest responsibility now.  So honestly, I can’t even cry. But she is a brave woman and will come out of this before me. Believe me, she started going to work from today. I am going to be here for few days and then come back to resume my work. My Pyaar Ke Papad team has stood behind me like a rock.” he added.

In fact, their daughter was born 13 years after they got married and thus was incredibly special. He said, “My wife and I succeeded more professionally after she was born. She is gone and it is going to be very tough for us. I feel that she is still with us. If I try to divert my mind, I still midway through anything and everything I remember her and the whole scenario— and I suddenly stop. But I won’t say that we have lost faith in God. All I can say is that life needs to go on. Isi tarah se shayyad hum apne aap ko bahar nikal payenge.”

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Pyaar Ke Papad actor Pratish Vora’s 2 year old daughter dies in unfortunate accident

“It was God’s wish and our future is also his wish.” he concluded.

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