Rahul Bose directed highly anticipated film ‘Poorna’ movie review is here

Complete movie review of ‘Poorna’

Star Cast: Rahul Bose, Aditi Namdar, Dhritiman Chatterjee, S.Mariya

Director: Rahul Bose

Producer: Rahul Bose

Music: Sulaiman Merchant, Salim Merchant

Rating: 3/5*


Poorna marks the return of Rahul Bose to direction after 15 years as he tells the story of Poorna Malavath, a 13-year-old girl from a tribal village in remote Telangana who became the youngest girl to scale Mount Everest in 2014.

Story of the movie:

Set in Pakala village, Poorna played by Aditi Inamdaar shares a special bond with her cousin Priya (S. Mariya). The duo dream of better education and food amidst their poverty-ridden living and plan to run away to the Social Welfare School which promises to provide them these ‘so-called’ luxury. Unfortunately, things go awry as Priya’s father catches them red-handed while they are about to elope. He marries off Priya while Poorna somehow coaxes her father to get her admitted to the Social Welfare School.

However there, soon she realises that life has something bigger in store for her when she meets Dr. RS Praveen Kumar (Rahul Bose) who helps her in discovering her true inner calling. Boss nurtures and encourages the girl to leave her home and worries behind as she prepares for the difficult expedition. In the process, the underlying story of Bose’s struggle to turn around the state government school system plays out.

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Direction of the film:

The film’s direction and local location are amazing, which is quite visible. Incidents falling in the life of Poorna touch you inward. Kudos to Rahul Bose for picking up an inspiring story that may be not known to many and translating it on-screen with sheer beauty! Rahul is as comfortable in front of the camera as he is behind it, allowing for an ebb and flow to the narrative that keeps you totally engrossed during its taut runtime.

Star-cast Performance

Aditi Inamdaar (Poorna) and S.Mariya (Priya) sparkle in each and every frame and win you over with their impressive act. They tug your heartstrings with an array of emotions and leave you asking for some more.  It was amazing to see these two young girls churn out layered and smooth performances. Aditi has done a very good acting, seeing that how to train her about nuances of acting.

Rahul Bose’s work is also good. He gave a restrained performance which was much-needed for a story like this.

Veteran Dhritiman Chatterjee is unobjectionable as Alexander, a significant cog in the government machinery who backs Poorna’s expedition, while Arif Zakaria as Col I K Khan seems like a last minute casting decision as his army uniform barely fits him.

Music of the film:

The tracks by Salim-Sulaiman are perfectly timed, while the narrative flows smoothly which keeps you engaged throughout. Poori Qayanaat and Kuch Parbat Hilaayein are our picks from the soundtrack album.

What’s Good: 
Returning to a directorial capacity after 16 years, Rahul Bose recognizes the beauty in simplicity and uses it to the film’s advantage.

What’s bad:

There are a few minor glitches like the entire story focuses less on her mountaineering journey and more on her personal life issues with her family, her schooling and so on. The makers focused more on the emotional quotient and less on the actual journey of mountaineering.

Final Verdict: 

Poorna has its heart in the right place. It’s like that comfort food which warms you up on days when things go low. One should definitely watch the film with family.


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