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Read Amitabh Bachchan’s on-screen friend and actor Ram Sethi’s struggling story!

Amitabh Bachchan saw many fluctuations in his movie career. Even more shocking is the story of Ram Sethi, who plays his friend in films, who is known by his name of Pyarelal.

He got this name only after he played the role of Pyarelala in ‘Muqaddar Ka Sikandar’. He has worked as an actor/writer/director for many movies in the last 46 years. 

But their was a time when he didn’t get any work and struggled for the basic needs of their life. At that time, he was 53 years old and he had the responsibility of his family upon him. But due to lack of work, he got scattered. His condition gets so bad that he did not even have money to eat.

He revealed this story once in an interview, he said “After 1993, I was almost on the verge of a breakdown. At the age of 53, I had to support my family and I didn’t have any work.”

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“There were times when I didn’t have money to eat food. I was literally on the footpath. Prakash Ji would monetarily support me.” he added.

Somehow, he took that time. Almost after a year in 1994, some TV directors approached him and gave him an opportunity for acting. He used to get Rs 2000 per day.

But those happy moments was short lived. Ram Sethi had to take a break from acting due to an accident in the family. And when he returned Mumbai after two years, everything gets changed. In that new environment, Ram Sethi could not adjust, due to which he became uncomfortable and went into depression.

His condition gets so worsened, that he even forget the names of his friends. However, during this time, Prakash Mehra support him. But in those days, Ram Sethi had to sell his land to raise his family.

Ram Sethi makes his comeback at the age of 73 and today, he is working as an actor, screenplay writer, consulting director and advisor for film-making.


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