Shakti Anand and Falaq Naaz thrown out of Vish Ya Amrit: Sitaara overnight

Popular television actors Shakti Anand and Falaq Naaz who were seen in TV’s supernatural drama, Vish Ya Amrit: Sitaara have been thrown out of the show without any prior notice.

Shakti Anand and Falaq Naaz thrown out of Vish Ya Amrit: Sitaara

Speaking to Bombay Times, Shakti Anand said, “I wasn’t informed about it till I shot my death scene. I had been in talks with the makers regarding my track a month after the show went on air in December. I was pushing them to make me understand why they had signed me in the first place, as the role had nothing to offer. I didn’t want to travel for hours to reach the set and feel tortured. My wife (Sai Deodhar) would ask me every day about the shoot, hoping that I must have done something concrete, but I was doing nothing other than standing in a puja, shaadi or a birthday.”

Shakti Anand and Falaq Naaz thrown out of Vish Ya Amrit: Sitaara

He also added, “I told the makers that if I didn’t have a role to play, then they should bring it to an end, but I had no clue that it would unfold in such a manner. Just a month ago, they had told me that they had great plans for my character and the story would revolve around me.”

“I was shocked when I learnt about my death sequence on the show. My director, who wasn’t aware of it either, actually thought that it was a dream sequence. I totally understand that it’s the makers’ prerogative to treat a character in a way they want to, but all they needed was to inform me of my exit in advance. I don’t wish to blame anyone, but it definitely leaves a bad taste in the mouth. How can an actor be treated in this manner? You can give me a double role, triple role or even kill me, but not like this. I guess sometimes you just write a character, but fail to justify it,” he concludes.

Actress Falaq Naaz is equally disturbed with the sudden development as she said, “Why is an actor expected to inform the makers in advance when they want to quit a project, while producers can axe any character overnight without prior intimation? All I expect as an artiste is to be informed about my exit in advance. I learnt about my exit a day before I shot the last scene, but no one from the team told me about it. Even today, I am waiting for the creative team to get in touch with me.”

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The actress added, “I understand that it could be the demand of the story, but at least inform the artiste. After seeing my fate, my co-actors are also worried if they will also be treated in a similar fashion. This is the first time I have faced something like this in my career. This has instilled fear in me for the future.”

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