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Shocking!! Avni shoot Neil in ‘Naamkaran’, will he die?


The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Naamkaran is going to showcase a huge twist in the storyline.

As per the current track Neil is trying hard to get the reality of Ananya Verma aka Avni. Viewers are going to see a shocking twist in the storyline with Neil finally coming to know that Ananya is Avni and she has returned to the Mehta house to seek revenge form Daya and get back her brother Amol.


Avni has been trying very hard to hide her secret form everyone but Neil keeps a close watch on Avni as he wants to unravel her secret. Neil knows that Avni is hiding a big truth about herself and he wants to catch Avni before she does some big crime.

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However, Neil has also started to fall in love with Avni and does not know whether he really wants to punish her or wants to stop her doing any crime. Despite of Neil’s feelings for Avni, he finally, finds out her truth and wants to stop her from taking a wrong step.

Avni has a gun in her hand and Neil tries to grab the gun form her. A tussle takes place between Neil and Avni as they try to get a hold of the gun and in this tussle, Avni ends up pulling the trigger and shooting Neil. Neil will be shocked after the gunshot and will fall on the ground after looking at is blood.

Will Neil die? Will Avni save Neil’s life? Will Neil put Avni behind bars after this incident?

Well, stay tuned with us for more latest updates…




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