Sidharth Sagar’s parents open up on his drug addiction and broken engagement

Comedian Sidharth Sagar and fiancee Subuhi Joshi recently called off their engagement after their relationship reached an ugly stage. Subuhi even accused Sidharth of domestic violence, losing his cool over petty issues, and getting violent. 

Finally, after one-and-a-half years, Sidharth’s parents spilled the beans for the first time on their son’s allegations, health issues and broken engagement.

While talking to SpotboyE, Sidharth’s mother said, “No one understands the basic problems of Sidharth, nobody can handle him. He was a very good boy but drugs took him on a different track. His behaviour changed only after he fell to drugs. We put him in a rehab but the rehab guys in cahoots with him, let him escape.”

Sidharth Sagar’s parents open up on his drug addiction

When they were asked if they are in touch with their son, to which Sidharth’s mother said, “No, we don’t even know where he is. We haven’t had any contact with him. He staged a fake press conference. He staged a fake respect for us, by showing he was falling on our feet. But he was nowhere near to returning to normal life. Let me also tell you that the rehab guys were hand-in-glove with him on even the conference dais, they started asking us to pay up Rs 1.5 lakh for the conference expenses after it all ended. They even kept taking money from Sidharth after he was out from rehab; Sidharth kept depositing money in their account… we don’t know if he continued consuming drugs after coming out of rehab. Can I also tell you that we put him in rehab as many as 3 times?”

When asked what could have lead to break-up between the two, she said, “If he could not stay with his parents, how could Subuhi believe that he would continue to stay with her? I feel very bad for Subuhi and even her mother. I understand what they must be undergoing after the engagement was called off. Bahut miss kar liya, but not anymore. Now, we want to heal ourselves. We fought the battle to reform our son but we lost.”

Sidharth Sagar's parents open up on his drug addiction

When she was asked why couldn’t shestop him when he was leaning towards drugs? To this, she says, “Jab koi thaan leta hain na, toh koi kuch nahi kar sakta. Hum janam ke saathi hain, karam ke saathi nahin. My husband Shirish and I tried so hard that he should get back to work but Sidharth was clearly not interested and did not cooperate. Shockingly, the media started blaming us, pray wasn’t that ridiculous?”

When they were asked if they were aware of their son’s engagement, to this, they said “Yes, but through newspapers. Neither of us was invited for the engagement, nor even our relatives.”

Did they ever try to explain to Subuhi that what needs to be done? “Long back, we did. And do you know what followed? She went to the police station to complaint against us! Ladki ko lag raha tha Prince mil gaya hai. Mera beta koi Prince nahin hai.”

Sidharth’s mother further said, “We had even shown him to a psychiatrist, he had told us that he is suffering from a personality disorder which has seated itself inside him only after he took to drugs.”

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When Sidharth’s father was asked. Do they think that Subuhi is saved in the nick of time? “Hypothetical question. We can’t answer that. But Alka and I still can’t forget the trauma we have undergone.”

Did Sidharth hit them ever? “Well, he was aggressive. And he was abusive too. Raat raat bhar ghar ke bahar rehna, jhooth bolke chala jaana.” 

Did he get addicted to drinks as well? “Nope. Lekin ghar ke bahar koi kya karta hai, how can I ascertain?” Papa Shirish concludes.

Sidharth’s mother further said, “For the world, Sidharth may be a product but for us being the parents, he is a part of our soul and would always remain the same.” 

For the uninitiated, last year, Siddharth Sagar alleged that his parents used to give him drugs and tortured him everyday. He got into substance abuse and landed up in a mental asylum, where he was physically assaulted.

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