Sofia Hayat exposes some more shocking things about her husband, leaks his ex-gf private messages!

Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat who is known for making headlines mostly for all the wrong reasons has recently parted ways with her Romanian husband Vlad Stanescu and kicked him out from the house.

Not only this, Sofia who was pregnant has also lost her baby.

 The actress announce her separation from her husband and called him a liar. The actress wrote a big note on Instagram, which reads, “You said you were an interior designer who designed palaces…YOU LIED… were in debt..You said you loved me..YOU does not lie or steal..I paid for our sacred Union..I paid for the bills and I paid for our food and clothes..and wanted to steal more…you wanted everything I had…I met were working in a shop..but I did not care..I still loved you. Everybody warned me not to be with someone who had no home or money..but..I did not listen..I believed in love..but you proved me wrong. So I pushed you out of my home and my life… I have learnt a lesson..that I will never be with anyone again who is not my equal. Who does not give back….He who is honoured to stand by my side…will be my equal..will and know no darkness.

“I allowed my light to shine through you will stay in the darkness that you are. The devil came to me disguised with the face of an angel..and tried to rape me of all that I am..but the sacred Mother is the All and can see the wrong. My power is truth, love and the love for my creation..for all that is good comes from me. There is one creator..Mother..Mata..Sekhmet..Allah Maa..Mary..and one power…LOVE. Anything else..ceases to exist. Now.” (sic)

Earlier, in a statement Sofia said, “Vlad is an evil, He was living with me, faking his real identity. He is a big-time thief. He was also raping me. I finally learned my love for him was misused. So, I asked him to move out from my house.”

And now, she reveals some more shocking details about her husband. She claimed that Vlad’s ex-girlfriend texted her and helped her in exposing the lies of his husband. Calling Vlad a serial conman, Sofia said that Vlad’s ex-girlfriend gave her permission to post her private conversation on Instagram. Vlad’s former girlfriend shared that he stole all her belongings before leaving for London. After duping her, Vlad blocked her and disappeared.


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Serial conman Vlad Stanescu…you are being outed now

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While talking to Spotboye, Sofia said that she caught her husband red-handed which he was selling off the diamond wedding ring and Rolex watch she had purchased.

She said, “He said he was not taking the wedding ring, but I now realise he took that too. It is worth Rs 10 Lakh. I have asked him to give the ring back.”

Sofia was mighty upset after this conversation especially because not too long back she had found her missing property papers in Vlad’s bag. She had earlier told, “Documents relating to my property went missing and I found those in his bag. He was doing this (hanky-panky) with his ex-wife, I caught their messages regarding this on his phone.”

Vlad was said to be an interior designer, but Sofia confirmed that he wasn’t the one.

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