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Sonu Nigam to give Rs 5 lakh to bus driver who saved many lives during Amarnath Yatra attack

The driver of the Amarnath Yatra bus that came under terrorists’ fire on Monday night is getting praises from all around for his heroics that saved lives of nearly 50 pilgrims.

Besides monetary reward from Jammu and Kashmir government and Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board (SASB), Salim Sheikh is likely to be recommended for bravery awards by the Gujarat government. And now, singer Sonu Nigam has given Rs 5 lakh to Sheikh as a token of appreciation for his courage.

 Sonu Nigam, who is currently in London, presented the cheque to Sheikh through India TV.

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A source close to the singer says, “Sonu ji was really moved by the driver’s courage and his presence of mind. He made sure that the driver was tracked down and ensured that the money reached him safely. It’s an inspiring gesture by Sonu ji, as he made sure that such unsung heroes are awarded.”

While talking to an entertainment portal, Sonu said, “Such people are always given a bravery award or medal for their actions by the government. But they should be financially rewarded for their goodness and amazing presence of mind.”

This is not the first time when Sonu has set an example through this charitable work by generously reacting to situations to show his support and voice his opinions. He has been the goodwill ambassador for Fight Hunger Foundation, which works towards eliminating malnutrition in India.

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