10 Strange Animal Hybrids that Actually Exist on Earth


While the innumerable scientific inventions and discoveries have ceased to amaze us now that we are used to such news, there still exists a portion of the earth that is pretty amazing and weird. Enough has been spoken about lesser known places or weird landscapes already on the world wide web and it’s time we mention a little about those rare and strange animal hybrids that seem too weird to be true. But yes, they do exist and are not a work of photoshop. Take a look….

1. Jaglion (Male Jaguar+Lioness)

This one shocked everyone with its birth. The jaglion was born at Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary in Ontario, Canada, out of no human interference in breeding.

2. Liger (Lion+Tigress)

Bred entirely in captivity, liger is the biggest cat in the world.

3. Tigon (Tiger+Lioness)

4. Zonkey (Zebra+Donkey)

They are a variation of zebroid are hard to tame.

5. Beefalo (Buffalo+Cow)

Though it may seem unusual to you, beefalos are quite common.

6. Geep (Goat+Sheep)

These animal hybrids are quite rare because most of the babies are stillborn.

7. Wholphin (Male False Killer Whale+Female Bottlenose Dolphin)

As of now, only one wholphin exists in the captivity at the Sea Life Park in Hawaii.

8. Cama (Camel+Llama)

With just 5 camas known to mankind, they are one of the most rare animal hybrids on earth. They are bred primarily in the Camel Reproduction Center in Dubai for their fur.

9. Leopon (Male Leopard+Lioness)

Beautiful and unusual, leopons are produced only in captivity.

10. Savannah Cat (Cat+Serval)

Sharing personality traits of a dog, these cats very rare and unique, owing to which they are expensive to pet.