Sushant Singh Rajput gets angry when asked if ‘Raabta’ is a copy of ‘Magadheera’

Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon’s upcoming film ‘Raabta’ has fallen into legal trouble, as the makers of Magadheera have filed a case against the film on a copyright issue. The makers of Magadheera claim that Raabta’s story line is similar to their film.

Hoewever, when the lead actors Sushant and Kriti asked about it, they strongly refused it and said that their story is different.

While attending the premiere of Sachin: A Billion Dreams, when Sushant was asked about the whole “copied” issue he loses hi cool and said “If you read the most basic book on screenplay, the first chapter of that book tells you that there are only 8 different kinds of stories that you can tell. So every story is from those 8 stories and that answers this question.”

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Krito also told that “I have seen the films that you are talking about, I have the Raabta script, it is nowhere similar. The characters, the narratives, everything from scratch are different”.

While Sushant tried to keep a clam stance, his body language and tone clearly failed him. While signing off, he sarcastically said, “Anybody who has a problem and finds a similarity can watch the film and know.”

Watch the video here:

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