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Sweeping Floors to Delivering Pizza Divyanka’s hubby Vivek Dahiya done these odd jobs

Television actor Vivek Dahiya, best known for his role as ACP Abhishek from Ye Hai Mohabbatein is known to be rich and famous. Although very few people know about Vivek’s struggle in Real Life. Vivek is among those actors who was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Rather he had to face lot of struggle to reach at the position where he is at right now.

Vivek Dahiya old pic

Vivek, who had studied in London, says, “I took up many odd jobs during my college days. The first was as a bartender when I was 18. On my first day at work, I found out that I had to pick up broken bottles and glasses and also mop the floor. I was later promoted to the bar where I learnt how to make drinks.”

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Vivek Dahiya old pic

The actor, who also worked at a tissue paper factory, found it monotonous. He says, “After that, I joined a retail store and then a call centre. I was left with no choice but to take up whatever came my way and became a pizza delivery boy. By the end of the day, my car used to smell of pizzas. I could never get rid of the smell and eventually, had to sell the car at a discounted rate!”

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