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Television’s popular Krishna aka Saurabh Pandey opens up about his battle with drug addiction

TV actor Saurabh Pandey, who played the role of Lord Krishna in Sony TV’s popular show ‘Suryaputa Karn’ got fame from the show.

Saurabh started his television career in 2007 with ‘Jiya Jale’, but he got fame from the role of Lord Krishna. Not many people knows that Saurabh was once drug addict.

Recently, while talking to, Saurabh reveals about this phase of his life. But, he left this addiction after doing hard work. In 2010, when he was working in the TV show ‘Tere Mere Sapne’ he got addicted to drugs.

Saurabh said, “I started taking drugs when I was doing a show, Tere Mere Sapne in 2010. At that time, from outsider’s perspective, it would seem like I had it all. But in reality, it was actually a very lonely time for me. I remember that I used to smoke or consume this harmful substance on the set. Due to my addiction, I was facing a huge problem on the set. Basically, I was just running away from my loneliness.”

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The actor further added, “At that time, I was a hopelessly a narcissistic guy who would only think about himself. My parents were worried about me. They tried their best to bring me out of this hell. It was lot of pain for me as well as for my parents. Thankfully, I shifted back to my normal routine. I started listening to my heart and soul. After battling this issue for almost one year, I decided to never do it again. My parents and my girlfriend, Zara Barring played vital role in finding true happiness and comfort in my life.”

When asked about how he de-addicted himself from the addiction, Saurabh said, “Firstly, I befriended all my friends who at that moment were taking drugs. I started associating with spiritual people. I used to spend lot of time in spiritual places which helped me in balancing my mental thoughts. Initially, I did crave for drugs but then, I used to look at Zara’s face. She had lots of hope with me and I did not wanted to destroy her hope. Also, I started reading lot of spiritual books which inspired me to not take drugs again. I did lot of meditation also which helped in deal with my problems and solve them. There was a special diet chart which I had followed to remove all the impurities from my blood. All these things really worked for me and now there is no looking back (smiles).”

Lastly, the actor says that he hopes this confession helps others suffering from the same problem to face reality. “I only hope that my mistake encourages other people to do the right thing. We all come across such incidents in our life which may not be the way we wanted. But that doesn’t mean that one has to choose a wrong path to avoid the situation. All I want to say is that chose a right path and say no to drugs. Turning to drugs or alcohol is never the answer to any problem.”

Saurabh is currently reading lot of scripts and is planning to come back on television soon.

Saurabh has also played the lead roles in shows like Shaurya Aur Suhani, Tere Mere Sapne, Ganga Kii Dheej, Razia Sultan and more. As a producer, he has produced several films like Tujh Se Hee Raabta, Salah and also produced Music videos.

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