These mysterious questions which are surrounding Sridevi’s death!

One of the famous actress of Bollywood, Sridevi breathed her on February 24, 2018, in Dubai. It is being said that the actress died due to accidental drowning in a bathtub in a hotel in Dubai. She was 54.

Since the news is out, there have been various reports about her death.

Earlier, there were reports that she died due to cardiac arrest. However, the forensic report said that Sridevi’s death happened due to “Accidental drowning”.

This is indeed a big twist in the case and there are many questions in this whole incident, which makes Sridevi’s death even more mysterious.

1. As per Boney Kapoor and family, post the wedding celebrations was over, Sridevi stayed back in Dubai to meet and spend time with her sister, some even quoted that she stayed back to do shopping. If this was the reason then why she didn’t step outside the hotel as per her plan? Why she just stayed back in the hotel for 48 hours?

2. Boney Kapoor, along with wife Sridevi and daughter Khushi went to Dubai to attend his nephew’s wedding. Post wedding celebrations, Boney Kapoor returned back from Dubai to drop daughter Khushi to Mumbai, just for a day. Then he again few back to Dubai to give surprise to his wife? That sounds a bit tricky to us.

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3. Doctors in Dubai raised the question that as per forensic reports Sridevi died after falling into a Bathtub, then why there was no bruise on her body?

4. Forensic reports claimed that traces of alcohol was found in Sridevi’s body. Excessive alcohol resulted in “accidental drowning” in the bathtub, the reason which is cited for the actress’s death. How heavily she was drunk that lead to such a situation? While a close friend of Boney and Sridevi, Politician Amar Singh said that Sridevi was not found of ‘Hard Drinks’ and she always uses to have a little bit of wine.

5. Is it possible that she was forced to drink heavily and then she was drowned in the bathtub full of water?

6. Sridevi died after drowning in the bathtub, this sounds very suspicious, as it was a bathtub, not a swimming pool in which a normal height person will fall and die of drowning.

7. As per Boney Kapoor, when he found Sridevi unconscious in the bathtub, he called out a friend an d after some time, they called for a doctor. Why didn’t he called a doctor in the first instance?

8. Two types of story is coming out, first, as cited by Boney Kapoor that he was near Sridevi at the time of her death, he asked her out for dinner after giving her a surprise visit, she went for a bath after having a chat with him for 15 mins, when she didn’t come out for a long time, he knocked and broke into the bathroom, finding her unconscious in the bathtub. The second story, Sridevi ordered for bottled drinking water, which the staff brought after 15 mins; after ringing the doorbell for quite a long time and getting no answer, the staff raised alarm and break open the door. Sridevi was found on the floor and her heart was still working. This was the version of the hotel staff in which Boney Kapoor was nowhere around Sridevi. This raises a lot of question.

9. It is even said that Bathtub was already full of water before she even stepped into the bathroom, does it call out a foul play?

source: dailybhaskar

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