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Things you should know about ‘Dancer Uncle’ Sanjeev Srivastava who become new sensation for his dancing moves!

These days, a video of of a middle-aged man dancing at a wedding has been doing the rounds on social media. This super cool uncle dancing to the tune of Govinda’s 1987 hit song ‘main se meena se na saaki se’.

Clad in a half coat and pant dancing with his wife standing beside him on stage, this man is a sensation on social media currently with his dance videos (in different parts) being circulated heavily by the people.

After the first video went viral within hours of sharing it, there is a second part of Shrivastava on social media today.

In the new video, from the same occasion as the earlier one, Sanjeev is seen dancing to Chadhti Jawaani. Look at those moves!

Checkout the both videos here:

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The uncle name is Sanjeev Shrivastava. He is a resident of Vidisha (Madhya Pradesh) and works as an assistant professor of electronics at Bhabha Engineering Research Institute in Bhopal.

He’s a father of two young sons Parv (12) and Aradhya (10).

Shrivastava is passionate about dancing even though he didn’t receive any formal training.  In fact, he had also won the Madhya Pradesh competition, held in Bhopal during the 80s, for three consecutive years. He had been a regular stage performer till 1998.

He also practices all those moves in his free time from lecturing at his Bhopal home.

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