TV Actress Vaishnavi Dhanraj’s shocking revelations on why she ended her marriage with actor Nitin


Television couple Vaishnavi Dhanraj and Nitin Sahrawat, who tied the knot in December 2012 following a two-year courtship, has parted ways.


The duo first met at the set of their daily “Kitani Mohabbat Hai” (Season 2) and after a year of courtship got hitched. Now, after two and a half years of their marriage the couple has finally filed for a divorce and got separated.

Recently, the actress was in news few days due to her sexy avatar after her divorce. Everyone thought that what happened between Nitin Sehrawat and her which lead to end their marriage. At first actress denied of any interview and refused to talk about this matter.

But recently Vaishnavi gave interview to, in which she has openly spoke about her divorce.

Vaishnavi was aksed that whether she has taken break or had a Divorce. Actress took question positively and said “I have worked for 9 years in the TV industry, currently I guess I am in just a phase where you feel that things have become very monotonous and you get fed up. I am looking for something out of the box that will yet suit Indian TV audiences’ sensibilities.”

Vaishnavi Dhanraj

Apart from this, She revealed the real reason behind her divorce. Vaishnavi said “I was a victim of domestic violence, which Nitin imposed on me. I couldn’t take it beyond a certain point. Yes, it was my call. I reached a saturation point where I couldn’t bear it any longer. It was gruesome. How can you take such behaviour from your own spouse? That too, continuously. It was a very bad case of domestic violence. I even took him for counselling. Our parents too did everything to make him understand. But nothing worked. Yes, I am speaking about this for the first time. I kept hoping that he would change and our marriage would work but he still went on. Most of the time in my marriage with Nitin, I used to be in a depression. There were good times in the middle sometimes but if something such drastic is happening alongside, then everything is just gone. You know what I mean.It became impossible for me to carry on with Nitin. I feel that it is not possible to stay in an abusive marriage until you yourself are abusive towards your partner.”

Actress revealed an incident that will send shivers down your spine. She added “One morning, it became very bad. He wouldn’t have killed me probably, but I got so scared that I ran away from the house. He had beaten me so badly that my leg was bleeding. That was my last day as his wife- emotionally, physically and mentally. I eventually got a divorce in January, this year.”

Currently Vaishnavi Dhanraj is in a very happy place and is just looking for some good work. Vaishnavi your decision to not tolerate violence deserves an applaud.