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Unfulfilled Wishes Of Actor Om Puri

Om Puri’s unfulfilled wishes:

According to Smita, Om Puri wanted to go Lumbini (Nepal), where Gautam Buddh was born and he also wanted to take his last breath near the tree where Gautam Buddh used to sat.

His another wish was, he wanted to go in politics. He also wanted to make his own political party. He also wanted to made some special rules in his party.

According to Smita, Om Puri said to her that “Naseer Sahab didn’t understand me. Naseer is very old friend of mine. He firstly, used to call me by Om Puri and now he called me only Om. Now whether it is a media people or an industry people they understand my value after I leave this world.”

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Om Puri also said to Smita that “One day I will talk to the whole media and asked them why they publish only negative news about me. 

Smita says Om ji told me, “You know my favorite movie of all time is “Dev”, in which I had done a great job. But it was not appreciated anywhere. Media never talks about my positive things.


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