VIDEO: Ex-Couple Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor FACE awkward encounter During An Award Show!


Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor might have moved on with their relationships, but  their awkwardness after the break-up is still alive and visible. This happened when the ex-couple almost bumped into each other on the red carpet on the award show last friday.

This happened when Shahid Kapoor went down to the red carpet, and was getting some pictures clicked, but Before Shahid could leave the red carpet, Kareena made a sudden occurrence and posed for some pictures. Shahid being a gentle man waited until Kareena moved off the place. Bebo’s PR apologized for the disturbance.

Watch the video here:


Recently Tarun Raj Arora Aka Anshuman in Jab We Met spoke up about his experience of shooting for the film with Shahid and Kareena after their break-up.

“The tough time in their relationship did not affect the shooting, but I could see that things were a bit weird. When you have a couple on set, you expect them to be a little lovey-dovey and happy. There was an air of discomfort. However, I thought that they are serious actors and didn’t let their personal equation affect their work. They did not even joke with each other,” Tarun told.