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Vidya Balan on being fat shamed: When people tell me to exercise, I want to say f**k you

Bollywood actress Vidya Balan is known for her confident and Charming personality, and is admired for standing for woman, and different social issue.

Vidya Balan on being fat shamed

The actress has broken stereotypes time and time again with her choice of roles, and her don’t-carish attitude about looks.

Vidya Balan on being fat shamed

Recently in an interview, Vidya spoke about the challenges of weight problems she has faced over the years. She said that she had hormonal problems since childhood. Due to this, she would even try starving herself at points. Vidya added, “When people tell me why don’t you start exercising, I want to say f**k you!”

“I have had a hormonal problem all my life. When I was a teenager, people would tell me, ‘You have got such a pretty face, why don’t you lose some weight?’ When people tell me why don’t you start exercising, I want to say f**k you! How do you know I haven’t been exercising? Do you know how hard I exercise? Do you know what challenges I have been facing in my  life?” she added.

She said that even at her thinnest, she felt fat. “Weight loss, weight gain, weight loss, weight gain was my pattern for as long as I can remember. Years ago, I stopped watching my shots on the monitor at shoots because I’d look at the monitor and be thinking, ‘Am I looking fat?”

Talking about her most difficult years, she added, “Do you know that my hormonal problem has made it impossible for me to lose weight for years in between? Not just that, there was a period in between when the more I’d work out, the more I’d put on?”

She went on to say, “People would insinuate that you must be eating unhealthy or that you’re lazy. And these things stick with you. It would anger me no end.  I kept wanting people to stop judging me. But over time, I realised that people judge you/your body only if you do. If you seek validation from others, you’ll always fall short. So, the answer lies in loving and accepting yourself. That of course is easier said than done. It’s work in progress and a lifelong endeavour.”

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Moreover, she said, “The process of getting to like yourself the way you are is a painful one. Therefore, today I’m balanced in my approach. No killing myself with exercise. No food deprivation. Only kindness and compassion towards myself. Before the release of Begum Jaan, I had been to Japan for a holiday. I came back feeling great. But during the promotions my body started changing. If you saw my pictures on any two days, I looked completely different. It was frustrating. One day I was one size, the next day I looked double my size. One day my hormones would be in fine balance and I’d feel good physically. I’d be okay to step out and put myself out there. But it was a challenge on the days I wasn’t feeling good.”



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