Watch: Aamir Khan’s wrestling training video for ‘Dangal’


Since, Aamir Khan’s Dangal has been released in cinemas, the film is getting the love that it truly deserved. After almost a month of revealing his fat to fit transformation story to his fans, now, a video has been uploaded by the makers which shows how Aamir Khan trained really hard to get the nuances of wrestling perfect.


In the video he is practicing in the gym, lifting fellow wrestlers, slamming them to the floor and also getting slammed in return. We can see the pain and hard work of the man and we truly feel for him. It’s such a delight to see the 51-year-old Aamir wrestle it out with men half his age.

In the video we can also see the wrestling coach of Indian team, Kripa Shankar Bishnoi Beniwal who has also trained the team of ‘Dangal’. He too looks mighty impressed by Aamir Khan’s dedication and physical transformation.


But more than Mr. Passionate (as Aamir wants his fans to address him) there is someone else in the video from whom we cannot set our eyes off. He is his daddy’s little boy Azad Khan. Five-year-old Azad accompanied his father and we see him wrestling with daddy Aamir Khan.

Watch the video here: