Watch: Akshay Kumar talks about the need of Toilets for women

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar who recently wrapped up the shooting for his film Toilet Ek Prem Katha alongside Bhumi Pednekar has made it his mission to voice his thoughts about topics that concern everyone.

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Well, the actor has now gone ahead and talks about the harsh realities around open defecation in India and how people in the villages still don’t have an access to toilets.

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Akshay posted the video saying, “Time hai apni #SochAurShauch dono badalne ka. Dekhiye, sochiye aur apne vichar bataiye.”

He begins by stating that he doesn’t mind if people think that he is promoting his upcoming venture through the clip because a subject like this should be publicised by all means.

Akshay says, in India, half of the population does not have toilets at home. He threw light on the plight of women who have to defecate in the open since due to lack of toilets.

He further explained the woman of the house has to control their pee till its dark outside because they cannot go to fields or behind the trees in the broad daylight.

The worst part is that the families in interiors of our country do not even feel importance of building a toilet in their home. The men in the house can however do the needful wherever and whenever possible but what about those ladies, who have to control the whole day until its dark in the night. This unhealthy practice needs to be stopped.

The video concludes with the superstar urging Indian men to apologise to their women for making them go through the turmoil and begin the construction of toilets pronto.

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