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Watch: Guru Randhawa’s new song ‘Made In India’ is a romantic number!

The famous Punjabi singer Guru Randhawa who has been grooving the audience with hits like Suit Suit, Tu Meri Rani, Patola is back with yet another number. The song titled ‘Made In India’ has finally released under T-Series.

The song is a romantic number with some foot-tapping beats, showing the story of a guy hit by the cupid. The girl he falls for is a model, and thus, he expresses his love as a fanboy.

The song is sung, written and composed by the very talented Guru Randhawa. While talking about the song, Guru says, “Whenever I compose my songs I try and ensure I don’t repeat my tunes and try different beats. Even for Made in India, I have tried have explored new chords and a few beats that I have added is basically my voice that sounds like a flute.”

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“When I got the final composition most final programming, I asked Bhushanji to hear the song and he instantly liked it. Immediately the team and I started working on video concepts.” While talking about the video, he shared, “It is my first ever video to be shot in Milan, it’s a beautiful city and it was an incredible experience. The colors, textures, and frames we were hoping to see in the video have come out impressive.” he added.

Directed by Gifty, the song will make you fall in love with Guru once again.

Watch the song here:

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