Watch: Mohd Shami breaks his silence after his wife accuses him of cheating and domestic abuse!

Recently, Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami makes headlines for all the wrong reasons as his wife has accused him of cheating on her and torturing her, mentally and physically, for more than two years.

His wife also posted several screenshots of Messenger and Whatsapp messages on her Facebook wall. She alleged that the the pace bowler has been cheating on her with several women.

Hasin Jahan went on to state that she was tortured by Shami’s mother and brother and they tried to kill her. Now, she said that she will drag Shami in court.

However, Shami rubbished these reports and said that the accusations made by his wife are false. While talking to ANI Shami said, “All these accusations made against me are baseless. They have no meaning. She said that this has been happening since five years, the fact is that we have been married just for four years.”

“If this (the abuse) has been happening since five years then why did it come out now’ Why did it take five years for it to come out’ According to me, this is a well thought out conspiracy against me. I want to remain just as normal as you’ve always seen me. On Holi and every other festival, I’ve been with my family. Spent time with my daughter and wife. Even after my wife was trolled so much in the past I stood by her. And I would like to stand by her today as well,” he added.

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The 27-year-old further claimed that the mobile number that Jahan is talking about doesn’t even belong to him and he won’t accept something that he hasn’t done. “See, neither is that my mobile, nor is that my number, nor is that my chat. So I can never accept something I’ve never done.”

“Everyone knows the relationship I’ve shared with my family, how happy I was. And it’s not as if I’m the only one who knows how my relationship with my wife is, even in South Africa she demanded to go shopping and I took her even though I was with the selectors at that time. Everything was fine. Even after returning we went shopping, we bought jewellery. We celebrated Holi. I don’t know what has happened suddenly. I’ll let you all know as soon as I find out.”

“All allegations are baseless, it does not have any meaning. Cannot say anything about the case till the time I get to know everything. There is some conspiracy behind this, it may be a conspiracy to spoil my game.

“I tried to contact Hasin but she did not pick up my phone but will meet her soon. The way I am, will stay with her like that forever. I contacted my father in law, he spoke to me very nicely and I think the things will sort out soon,” he added.

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