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Ways for you to recognise a Bollywood movie when you see one

Bollywood movies have become very popular in the 20th century and have continued to be until today, and there are hundreds on the market that are ready to entertain you. However, how do you actually recognize a Bollywood movie, if you saw one, and what do you have to look out for, when it comes to spotting a great Bollywood movie? In this article, you will find five things that are very common in 21st century Bollywood films, so that you know what to spot. Afterward, if you need another kind of entertainment, you can always find your way to online Gambling –, where there are hundreds of games waiting to entertain you. 

Entertaining song and dance sequences

One of the most common things that you may find in a Bollywood movie is singing and dancing. these sequences are often splendid and huge, where there are lots and lots of colored costumes with men and women dancing and singing to enhance the drama of the film. These scenes are very common in a Bollywood movie, and they might remind you of the musical genre, if not for the fact, that these scenes also resemble music videos that are entirely dedicated to the song and not so much the plot itself. So lookout for the extravagant and entertaining dance and song sequences, when you have to spot a Bollywood movie. 

Singing by other than the actors

As mentioned, there is a lot of dancing and singing involved, when it comes to Bollywood movies. This also means that there have to be people involved that are actually able to sing. In many movies, these songs are dubbed over by a singer, but you are still able to see the actor as the singer within the movie. This is not the case in a Bollywood movie. In a Bollywood movie the singer is often shown as him- or herself and is able to sing his or her heart out with the actor standing next to them in a dramatic manner. This is very specific to the Bollywood genre, and it is not something that is done in many other types of films. This is done unironically, and it is often very entertaining and lovely to watch if it is done well. 

Breaks from reality 

One of the things that Bollywood movies do well give the viewer a break from the reality of the movie when it is needed. This means that there might be scenes that are not really connected to the plot, but they are simply there to entertain and to amaze. This might be the aforementioned dancing scenes, or it might be beautiful nature scenes, but these are done in order to give a small pause and breathing space within the plot. This is yet a trait that is not found in any other genre, and it is a way for you to easily spot a Bollywood movie when you are seeing it. 

The very good hero

One of the very easily recognized traits of the 21st century Bollywood movie is the very good hero. Within the Bollywood movie world, there is no such thing as a flawed character with multiple sides to his personality. This is simply not a thing. Therefore, one of the very strong traits of the genre is the very good hero that can never do anything wrong. This hero might kill the enemy, or he might do something that would otherwise be seen as flawed, but in the Bollywood universe this character is always in the right, and he is never questioned when he does something that might be considered shady in other genres, where an explanation and repentance is demanded. There is very little character development involved, and usually, the very good hero learns very little that he did not already know of himself when the movie started. 

The perfect woman

At last, the trait that is very recognizable is the image of the perfect woman. She is often found as the main character besides the very good hero, and often she also experiences none to very little character development throughout the film. This woman is beautiful by Indian traditional standards, and she is well-spoken and soft. Besides this, she is often educated or at least quick-witted, and she is almost always in need of a good hero to rescue her or help her in some way or another. This perfect woman is often also found singing and dancing within the musical parts of the movie, and more often than not, she ends up making a couple with the very good hero. This woman is usually also the one within the trailer made for the Bollywood movie that is first seen and explained, so if you spot her, you might be able to recognize that you are watching a first-class Bollywood movie.



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