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Woaaah! Erica Fernandes and Shaheer Sheikh are BACK TOGETHER


There are some celebrities who are very outspoken about their personal life, and then there are those celebs who like to keep their personal life, especially their love life under wraps!

Erica Fernandes-Shaheer Sheikh

One such celebrity couple is Indian television’s cute jodi of Erica Fernandes and Shaheer Sheikh. The two are giving mixed signals to their fans and media and making us confused.

We always fail to understand whether the two are dating or they are just friends or they can’t stand each other. Their on and off relationship is becoming a mystery for all.

At times, there is news of the two being very cordial to each other, doing something special for each other and the very next moment, the news of their fight on the sets start making the headlines.

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But now there is good news for all the fans. It is being said that both are happily back together. According to news in, couple sat down and decided that they behave in mature way.

As per the source of the portal, “”Erica and Shaheer decided that they can’t live with and without each other.  Better, they live WITH each other. Rumour has it that Shaheer was with Erica in Dubai too, where she recently travelled for some personal work.Shaheer did not report for the shoot on the day that Erica landed in Dubai.”

Erica Fernandes-Shaheer Sheikh

Speaking about their relationship, a source further told SpotboyE that, “It’s not easy to shoot with these two,they are very good with each one moment, they fight the next moment. Every day their equation with respect to each other changes. They have been having a very rocky relationship since the longest time but now it’s telling on our nerves. Nobody likes so much of inconsistency and unpredictability.”

The on-screen chemistry of Dev and Sonakshi was loved by the audience and they started calling them ‘Devakshi’.

We are happy that Erica and Shaheer are back together as lovers.




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