Womens Day: Chahatt Khanna’s powerful message to all the ladies!

Television actress Chahatt Khanna who recently became a Mommy to princess Zohar Khanna Mirza has given a really powerful and strong message to Women on this Women’s Day.

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Chahatt added the surnames of both the parents, her ‘Khanna’ and husband Farhan Mirza’s ‘Mirza’ to her daughter’s name ‘Zohar’.

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Yes, Chahatt’s daughter has been named Zohar Khanna Mirza!!

The most beautiful girl on the surface of earth is mine #Zoharnuma #zohar #chahattkhanna

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Chahatt has now opened up on this occasion to explain to the ladies what went in her mind that she chose to take this step and in simple words she tells Tellychakkar, “After giving birth to a daughter, I realized that a baby is ‘blood and flesh’ of mother and not father. It is the mother’s blood that passes on to the child throughout the nine months when the kid grows in the womb. When it comes out, it has a combination blood group of both parents. After going through a practical realization, I changed my surname from Mirza to Khanna; I am and will always be my parents’ child, and not my husband’s. And now, I want Zohar to take this legacy forward. I see no reason for women to change their last name after marriage. Child birth is the biggest thing in marriage; a child having last names of her mom and dad actually solves so many things at once. I am not being a hypocrite here when I say this. Both my mom and dad have the surname Khanna. If it was different, I would have added my mother’s surname too in my name (smiles). When it is the woman who gives birth and actually takes the generation forward, why do people want to have it the other way around?”

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