You won’t believe these beautiful girls were born as a man and underwent gender transformation

A few decades back, talking about sex change was not only a taboo in most communities, it was also impossible, since there are some distinct features separating the male and the female genders that cannot be wished away. However, the advancement in technology has eliminated the impossibilities that existed a few years back. Many people have gone through gender reassignment surgeries, which seem to be producing favourable results – especially on the surface. However, the women on this list have learned to live with the consequences of their transformation and are undoubtedly looking great. It is still hard to believe that they used to be men, but there is no denying that they are now very beautiful women.

1. Helen Wong


Helen Wong, who is better known as Allenina, owing to her onscreen career, is a famous actress, dancer, model, and director currently living in the United States. She used to be a boy, but chose to transform into a very beautiful girl. Wong used to be an adult industry performer, but is now retired from that and is focusing on writing and other forms of acting.

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2. Florencia De La V


Florencia De La V, is one of the most famous Argentine actresses. Florencia’s birth name used to be Roberto Carlos Trinidad. Her gender transformation automatically converted her into an advocate for equality movements in Argentina and around the world, with her celebrity status contributing greatly to her success. Florencia was the first person in Argentina to have her name and gender changed on her government-issued Identity card, a change that came two years prior to the establishment of the national Gender Identity Law.

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