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Zoa Morani donates blood plasma for the second time

Actress Zoa Morani who recovered from novel Coronavirus had donated her blood for plasma therapy trials for Covid-19 treatment at Mumbai’s Nair hospital once on May 9 and now again donated plasma at a hospital on Tuesday.

Zoa Morani donates blood plasma

Zoa took to her Instagram handle and shared a picture from the hospital along with a note from her doctor.

Zoa Morani donates blood plasma

She wrote, “Plasma donation round 2…Last time it helped get a patient out of ICU , Note from my Doctor “hoping all recovered covid patients come out and donate their blood , u may be able to help someone” #NairHospital #IndiaFightsCorona #plasmaTherapy.”

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Zoa Morani discharged from the hospital after testing negative for COVID-19

Earlier, Zoa had tested positive for the deadly Coronavirus and got herself treated. After getting tested negative, she was discharged from the hospital. Also, her father Karim Morani and sister Shaza Morani were tested positive. They too are treated and fine now.



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