10 Stocks To Buy in India That Could Make You Rich

Investing in stocks can be intimidating for anyone, whether you’re new to the market or have been doing it for years. You can invest in stocks directly or indirectly. If you’re new to stock investing and want professional help, we recommend first speaking with a financial adviser.


Top ten stocks to buy in India

Today we will talk about the greatest stocks to buy.

1) Indian Infotech And Software Limited
This organisation is best known for its financial and software services. When this firm was first registered on the stock exchange, its price was Rs 2, but as the company performed successfully, its price rose to roughly Rs 45 in a few years. However, if we look at the return from last year, this company had a remarkable 680% return. This share has returned 240% in the last six months, so investors or promoters are once again putting all of their money into it. If you wish, you can acquire at least 100 shares for only 150 rupees.

We are all aware that, due to rising gasoline prices and the impending scarcity of gasoline, the entire world is shifting to an electric mode. India is not far behind. There are several such companies in India that manufacture automobiles or parts of electric vehicles, castes, and technologists whose prices are currently around 1 rupee. In which you can obtain a large portion of its quantity while investing less money. Large investors are more interested in this type of company.



This company is widely talked because its daily return can reach 10%, so you can invest in it for swing trading or even for the long term; it is now trading at 0.50 paise. It is a construction company. This company’s value has more than doubled in the last year, while it was just Rs 200 three years ago. If you invest only 100 rupees for five years, you can earn up to ten thousand rupees. It is also a wonderful investment.


This corporation is founded on the logistics industry. Let me notify you that this industry is the most backward in India, but it has the best possibility of expanding in the coming years, so you can try your luck in this sector if you like. You should give it a shot. When it comes to its pricing, they will be startled because it is around 0.30 paise and if you buy 100 quantities of it, you only have to spend 30 rupees, which in today’s time is insignificant.

5) Gvfilm

As the name implies, this stock is related with the film industry, which handles production, distribution, and so on. Looking at the commencement pricing, this company began at Rs.15. This company has made a profit of 180% in the last year, and a profit of 130% in the last six months. You will not have to invest a large sum of money to purchase shares in this company, but if you listen to its price, you will be astounded; one share costs only 0.80 paise, and you can imagine when the entire film industry was infected. When it was closed, it made a profit of 180%.


Now, let me tell you about this company’s business. It manufactures and exports computer parts to practically every type of computer-related organisation in India. In addition, despite its low price, it exports parts to 20 nations abroad, for which the Government of India has received honours for selling its products.

7) Tuni Textile Mills Private Limited

Now, the stock we’re going to discuss is the greatest of all the stocks discussed because of its strong fundamentals; this firm is debt-free, which means it has no debt anywhere on it. This is the advantage of purchasing this stock. Whether you invest in stock or not, you should invest in it because it has provided its investors a profit of 240% in the previous year and a profit of 180% in the last six months. When this firm was first listed, its price was 1.60 paise, and it reached a high of 270 in a few years, but it is now selling for 1.37 paise and is poised to grow once more.

8.Vandana Knitwear Ltd.

This company primarily manufactures hosiery and imports and exports it. The stock was floated in the market for Rs 5 and rose to a high of Rs 35 after a few years. However, owing to some disruption, its prices continued to plummet, and it is currently selling at 1.36 paise, and it is not certain that it will not expand above this price because this company has gained 300% profit in the last 6 months.

9) Swadeshi Industries & Leasing Ltd.This corporation is in the fabric manufacturing business, mostly producing Polyethylene. When this firm first listed on the stock exchange, its share price was Rs 10, but it quickly rose to Rs 650 in the following years. But right now, it is being sold for 1.32 paise, and if you wish, you can buy 100 shares in it for only 150 paise because it gave a return of 325% last year, and it will continue to give profits.

10.Tatia Global Ventures Ltd.

This corporation works on textile and infrastructure projects. Its initial price was 25 paise, which was then increased to 30 rupees, and it is currently selling at 1.48 paise. It made a profit of 410% in the previous year. The key reason for its rise is that this company has been reducing its debt, and since there may be deflation in the future, purchasing it now could be a beneficial bargain. You should consider purchasing a stake in it.

You may rely on our list of stocks to purchase. You should consider them. It is an excellent approach to supplement your income.

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