8 Celebrities With Freaky Body Parts

Celebrity is supposedly a term associated with a person who is perfect in every sense. They are the ones who everyone else wants to be; everything related to them is flawless. At least this was the thought that we had before we started digging for the truth and realized that even they are human just like the rest of us. Take a look at these eight celebs with freaky body parts.

1. Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan has an extra thumb on his right hand. He debuted with the Bollywood Box Office mega success Kaho Na Pyar Hai and went on to become one of the most popular actors of the Indian Cinema Industry. The Super Hero of Bollywood is a fitness icon for many young people. Muscular body with 6 pack abs and great biceps and triceps makes him the most handsome and hottest star in Bollywood.

2. Karolina Kurkova

Czech model Karolina Kurkova is one of the most beautiful models in the fashion industry. But there is a physical deformity in her body that she doesn’t have a bellybutton.

3. Kate Bosworth

One of the most well-known instances of heterochromia in Hollywood, Bosworth’s eyes are noticeably different in pigmentation, with one being blue and one being a much darker hazel.

4. Richard Stot

American journalist Richard Stot’s left-hand fingers are bend. He has had around 15 operations to date – but the most successful was when he had the second toe on each foot removed and grafted onto his affected hand.

5. Megan Fox

The deadly diva has a clubbed thumb. As if anything matters when it comes to her!

6Oprah Winfrey

TV host Oprah Winfrey has 6 toes in her left foot. However, it has not been confirmed whether Oprah really has an extra appendage, or if it’s just an unsightly bulge.

7. Kesha

The singer told Heat that she was born with the rare appendage. “I had a tail when I was born. It was a tiny tail, about a quarter of an inch, then they chopped it off and stole my tail. That was when I was little. I’m really sad about that story,” she revealed.

8. Danny Garcia

American professional boxer Danny Garcia has a sixth toe on one of his feet.

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