Karan Johar lied about his family in his autobiography ‘An Unsuitable Boy’, might get sued



Filmmaker Karan Johar’s autobiography  ‘An Unsuitable Boy’ hitting the headlines once again. Now it’s back in the news for very different reasons.

Karan Johar lied about his family in his autobiography 'An Unsuitable Boy', might get sued 3

The filmmaker had made some startling confessions about his family background in the book and some of them are not going down very well with his relatives.

In his best-selling book, the 44-year-old director mentions about how his family owned a sweet shop and his father was made to sit through the cash counter, because he was the only one educated and other relatives were halwais.

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Well, looks like this could have been a made up story. According to Indian Express, Karan Johar’s grandfather was a government employee based in Lahore before starting a sweet shop in Delhi.

Also, KJo’s eldest uncle, Ved Prakash Johar, was a graduate of Lahore’s Government College and was on friendly terms with the poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Ved later got a journalism degree from Columbia University in New York and then later joined the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). The report also mentioned that one of his other uncles was with the Indian Army and an aunt of his was a teacher.

However, only one of Karan Johar’s uncle was a halwai who ran a sweet shop and a restaurant called Nanking in Delhi’s Connaught Place.

Supreme Court lawyer Rajiv Nayar, the husband of one of KJo’s cousins is considering suing Karan Johar and his book’s publisher for spinning a rags-to-riches story out of falsehood and thereby slandering the entire family.