Cricketer Irfan Pathan shares a picture with wife Safa Baig, get trolled by some haters



Love is in the air for Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan these days. Last week, the left-handed bowler was seen singing romantic songs dedicated to his wife Safa Baig. And now Irfan ploaded a selfie for the first time with her on Twitter.

In this pic Irfan and his wife are sitting in a car. Irfan is taking selfies and his wife is trying to hide her face. 

He caption the picture as “Kuch to log kahenge logo ka kaam hai kehna but always #love #travel”


It did prove trouble for Pathan as he was soon ridiculed for not only uploading picture of his wife, in which half of her face is visible, but also for wearing nail polish. The picture, in which Baig is covering her face, drew flak from fans on Twitter. Pathan is being ridiculed for ‘letting her show her arms and part of face.’

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The comments ranged from advising him to remove the picture to slamming him for not being ‘a good Muslim’. A comment read, “WTF Tell her to cover her arms. Being a muslim and being a Pathan its your duty to do so.”

irfan pathan tweet

Another fan said that while it was good that she was hiding her face, it was also important that Irfan asks her to hide her arms. Another fan went to the extent of saying that Muslims should not post pictures of girls in their families as they are special.

irfan pathan tweet irfan pathan tweet

irfan pathan tweet

Pathan married Baig, a model from Jeddah in a low-key affair in February and the two were blessed with a baby boy in December.

The bowler has been out of the cricketing scene and last played for Gujarat Lions franchise in the Indian Premier League. He even scalped two wickets in his last match.