Akshaye Khanna is still single at 42, wants to date late politician Jayalalithaa

Bollywood actor Akshaye Khanna, son of late superstar Vinod Khanna and his first wife Gitanjali, is 42 years old but till now he is single. Why he is still single?

Akshaye who once dreamed to date late Jayalalithaa, the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, stated in an interview, that he will never get married, at least right now. This is due to the fact that he does not want to give up on his freedom as a single man.


Akshaye was asked whether there is any special woman in his life whom he would like to make a partner, Akshaye said “No one really. I do not remember anyone. I like someone’s company, but for me there is a cut off point. My relationship can be beautiful, lovely and caring but in the end, I want solitude. This is one thing I can never leave and this is the way to live my life. It does not mean that I am scared of the commitments.

Akshaye also told in this interview that he is a very shy person. So when he get somebody’s attention, he start feeling uncomfortable. He said, “I will not say that I’m a self-centered, but I am not interested in publicity, fame and attention. It doed not give me happiness. A big pop star can sing on the stage in front of a crowd of millions but in his personal space he can be a very reserve man.

Akshaye Khanna wanted to date late politician Jayalalithaa

Akshaye Khanna, Jayalalithaa

During his appearance on the show ‘Rendezvous with Simi Grewal’, Akshaye Khanna confessed that he wants to date Jayalalitha who was 27-year old then him. He said, “There’s lot there that intrigues me. She’s very secretive”

Akshaye’s name joins with actress Tara Sharma

Tara Sharma

For some time he used to form a couple with, Tara Sharma. This relationship might have taken place a very long time ago, but he actually loved, Tara, very much. She was one of the very few women to be able to make the solitary Akshaye, want to talk for hours. However, both of them never openly confessed about their relationship and later they got broken.

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Relationships with Riya Sen

riya sen

A very long while ago, he had a relationship with the actress, Riya Sen. They met and fell in love while filming a movie “Love You Hamesha” and they formed a couple that lasted long even after the movie was finished. But later Riya cane closed to John Abraham and she parted ways with Akshaye. However, it is also said that Riya returned to Akshaye after being separated from John but the relationship could not last long.

Akshaye once dated a British model Sera

Sera is a british model, they met during one of his trips in England, and they decided to be together even thought the distance was keeping them away from each other. Later Sera shifted to India and started her own Fashion Business. But they broke up later on. It was rumored that Akshaye was cheating on her with a german girl.

Are you still as commitment phobic?

Akshaye khanna

I’m even more commitment phobic now. I wasn’t like that in the past but over time, I have become more wary of relationships. It has a lot to do with the fact that I enjoy being alone. I am comfortable in my skin. As bizarre as it sounds, it is important for me to be left in my space. I prefer it that way. Ninety per cent of people in the world like to be surrounded by loved ones but I’m diametrically opposite. My ‘alone time’ is sacrosanct. The thought of giving up my space for anyone is frightening.

What he thing about marriage

He said “I’m not getting married, I don’t plan to. I’m not cut out for it. My ‘aloneness’ is extremely valuable to me. I know I’m an oddball given that today 90 per cent of all human beings are extremely social, and I, for one, am a part of a profession which is not perceived to be for introverts, but I enjoy my personal space.”



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