Ali Zafar files Rs 1 billion defamation case against Meesha Shafi, who accused him of sexual harassment!

Two months ago, there were news doing the rounds that bollywood actor Ali Zafar has been accused of sexual harassment by Pakistani singer Meesha Sahfi.

Meesha alleged Ali sexually harassed her on multiple occasions, more women took to Twitter with similar allegations.

Well now, according to latest reports, Ali has filed a Rs 1 billion defamation case against singer Meesha in a district court.

According to Geo News, the suit has been filed under the Defamation Ordinance 2002 and Zafar said Shafi damaged his reputation through false allegations.

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The actor has accused Meesha of having damaged his reputation through false allegations. “The tweet dated 19.04.2018 and the Instep Article dated 21.04.2018 are false, slanderous, and defamatory statements, stand published and originate from the defendant, therefore, have caused tremendous injury to the plaintiff’s reputation, goodwill, livelihood; being attempts to tarnish the good image of the plaintiff,”

“The defendant has associated herself with the global #MeToo movement, with one of the launchers of the #MeToo movement ‘Rose McGowan’ labeling the defendant as ‘a heroine for our times’.

It seeks “an apology using the same social media platform of Twitter proclaiming our client’s innocence”.

Meesha has confirmed she’s received a notice sent by Ali’s counsel, asking her to delete her tweet alleging harassment and issue an apology on Twitter, failing which he would file a Rs 1 billion defamation case against her.

In April, Meesha accused the actor of physically harassing her on “more than one occasion”. However, Ali denies the allegations and said that silence is not an option and he will take a legal course to counter Shafi’s charges against him.

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