BB 13: Angry Paras ruins immunity task as Rashami and Shehnaaz plot against Mahira, watch

Bigg Boss 13 is just few days away from it’s finale and the things gets interesting with each passing day and all the contestants are trying their best to beat each other.

Angry Paras ruins immunity task

In tonight episode, the last immunity task is going to happen.

 In the preview video shared by the makers, Paras Chhabra, Mahira Sharma, Shehnaaz Gill are seen sitting inside a shell. They have to stay there for the longest time, while other housemates can use anything to get them out. If they come out, they’re out of  the immunity race. Rashami Desai is the sanchalak ‘moderator’ of the task.

Angry Paras ruins immunity task

It so happens that Shehnaaz  plots with Rashami to get Mahira and Paras out of the task. Shehnaaz tells, ‘Mahira’s hand is out of the shell, you can use your power and disqualify her.’ Rashami notices this and tells Mahira that she has been disqualified. Though Mahira tries to defend herself, it falls on deaf ears. Later, Rashami targets Paras for the same reason. However, Paras does not listen to her and asks Bigg Boss for a reasoning. To which BB replies, ‘The moderator’s decision is final and has to be followed.’

This angered Paras and he angrily throws his and Mahira’s shell in the air. Then, Shehnaaz confronts the duo that she planned to kick them out. Mahira asks Shehnaaz to be loyal to their friendship. Shehnaaz says that there was no friendship to be loyal to.

Paras gets angry and starts throwing all sorts of things inside Shehnaaz’s shell to make her uncomfortable. Paras gets even angrier and destroys Arti and Shehnaaz’s shells, forcing them to come out.

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It seems like a task will be cancelled once again because it was not completed properly.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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