Anil Kapoor is scared of his wife Sunita even after 33 years of marriage

Anil Kapoor has told that he is very scared of his wife Sunita. Whenever he is at home, he have to play an obedient husband, but as soon as he come out on the shooting set or elsewhere, he become a mortal man. Anil and Sunita have been married for 33 years, but their relationship is something like this.

Anil Kapoor with wife sunita

“I am blessed that I got to spend my life with my friend, who first became my girlfriend, and then my wife,” says Anil.

The couple, who has three kids together — Sonam, Rhea and Harshvardhan — got married in 1984, after dating for almost a decade. Anil believes that it is Sunita who really made an effort to keep their marriage going. “The film industry is a tough place to be in. You are constantly in the media glare. Plus, there are so many temptations out there all the time. But the secret to my happy marriage is Sunita. She is the one who has made it work, and tolerated all my eccentricities,” adds the actor.

All my children are making their own places

Anil Kapoor with his kids

Sonam and Riya have been working for many years. Harshvardhan has just one movie. Some movies work at box office sometime not. It worked very hard on ‘Mirzya’. My film ‘Lamhe’ was not worked. It all happens. All my children are making their own places. Riya even got some offers for film productions from Hollywood too. 

Raj Kapoor Saheb was saying, Make the entertainment films

I consider Raj Kapoor as my favorite star. He always used to say that make entertainment movies, make people laugh and give a message between them. Raj Saheb loved me a lot, he often used to guide me. He wanted to take me in a film called ‘Paramveer Chakra’, but they could not make the film.

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Charlie Chaplin also kept Mustache

Anil Kapoor mustache

Raj Saheb kept a mustache So I thought if Raj Saheb can keep a mustache, then why should I not. Charlie Chaplin can entertain with mustache, so why not me? So keep mustache. There are no intention of cutting mustache.

 Just work speaks in Hollywood

anil kapoor with tom cruise

(Anil Kapoor with Tom Cruise)

At one time I also made body, Nose-ears were pierced too, also goes thin, but at that time these things were not given much importance. Nowadays such reports are more impressive, but they will end up soon like Hollywood. In Hollywood, more emphasis is given on performance and just work speaks. 

After Fanney Khan, I will work on 24 series

The third season of ’24 Series’ is going to start soon, which will be even better. After shooting the film ‘Fanney Khan’ I will work on 24 series. Work has started on the story.

Anil Kapoor will shares the screen space with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in film ‘Fanney Khan’. The film will see the duo share screen space together after 17 years, and will go on floor in August this year.


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